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Internal Marketing

Your employees are your front line when it comes to your customers forming an opinion about your company. They are vital to your success as a business and are often the first and last point of contact for your customers. Employees must be believers in your company’s vision and work to create an atmosphere that both retains current employees and creates loyal customers. Internal marketing is crucial for transforming your employees into brand evangelists, rather than merely fulfilling their job role. It creates strong communication between your company and your employees to ensure that your goals and strategies are clear. It also provides valuable training and support to your employees to help them achieve their own professional goals, as well as advance the company as a whole.

Social Media Posts

A picture is worth a thousand words, but your customer still reads and makes decisions based on that picture’s copy. While attention grabbing images are essential for capturing your customer’s eye, it is the copy that influences whether they take the next step. We create copy that puts the “social” in social media by creating posts that encourage conversations, and enable you to transform your followers into advocates.

Email Marketing

In the ever changing world of algorithms and timelines, the only captive audience you hold is your email list. We craft value-based content that will optimize each customer’s value by gaining their loyalty and return business. This service includes industry research and content creation to ensure we address your potential customers’ needs. We craft value-based content that will optimize each customer’s value by gaining their loyalty and return business.

Non-Profit Materials

Generous people are out there, but so are thousands of other worthy causes. The nonprofit world is a noisy space and you need a way to show how you are changing the world by creating a positive and measurable impact. We provide the research and stats that back up your organization’s work, convincing donors of the importance of your mission. We also provide ongoing communication to existing donors to illustrate their contribution in action and encourage long-term financial support.


Blog Writing/Content Marketing

Blogging has come a long way from its journal style entry days. Now, blogs are an important hack to optimize your business’s online viewability. Blogs increase traffic to your website by boosting SEO and utilizing inbound links. We create blogs that establish your brand as an expert in your field and keep your audience coming back for more.


Everyone has a website, so how do you make yours one that brings traffic in droves? By turning your website into a resource. Whitepapers build your business’s credibility and provide valuable information to develop trust.

About Essie

Samantha (Essie) Cacy is a copywriter and linguist whose epic use of the Google search bar is legendary. She holds degrees in interpretation from Johnson County Community College and creative writing from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Her first exposure to storytelling came at age eight when she realized that a compelling bedtime story was a surefire way to create a space and audience for herself. Samantha brings that same passion for storytelling to her client’s copy. She believes that each brand has a unique story to tell and she utilizes her eight years of interpretation experience to translate each client’s story in a way that effectively speaks to their audience. Her work includes industry publications for the Kansas branch of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, donor materials and fact checking for the Lions in Four Foundation, and biographical material for digital marketing professionals.

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